INTRODUCING: Hike Across America 2019 
"The Unstoppable Tour"
Marine Corps Veteran & National known Motivational Speaker Hikes Across the Country Again!
U.S. Marine Corps Corporal & Motivational Keynote Speaker TShane Johnson shares his story
Check out the Hike Across America 2019 route.
 Motivational Keynote Speaker TShane Johnson

Hike Across America 2019
"The UnStoppable Tour" 

On September 11, 2019, motivational speaker TShane Johnson will set out from Ground Zero on a two-month trek down the East coast to Orlando, Florida. Planning to arrive on Veterans Day, he will run 22 miles a day carrying a 100-pound backpack in order to raise funds for the Gary Sinise Foundation.

 All proceeds will go to the foundation's program dedicated to Restoring Independence and Supporting Empowerment (R.I.S.E.) which builds specially adapted smart homes for severely wounded heroes. TShane’s goal is to raise over $1 million for R.I.S.E. as he travels through ten states and visits dozens of historic cities and sites (see the attachment for details). He will be hosted along the way by local Rotary Clubs arranged for by the presenting organization--the Rotary Club of Lake Buena Vista in Orlando. 

As a former member of the military, TShane’s other major objectives include learning and publicizing veteran success stories and raising awareness for the fair treatment of veterans. He will also visit and speak to military and veterans' organizations, veteran-owned businesses, and locations serving the less fortunate such as homeless shelters.
After completing his run and speaking tour, TShane will attempt to break the Guinness Record for the fastest marathon carrying a 100-pound pack. Contact us today to Advertise and Market your business with Hike Across America 2019.
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Hike Across America
Every year TShane Hikes Across America as Motivational Keynote Speaker running from Coast to Coast to Inspire the Homeless, Veterans, Communities, and raise awareness about Veteran and Teen suicides. His journey covers over 3,000 Miles, 9 states, speaking in 20 plus cities passing out over 10,000 Hygiene kits to those in need and raising over $50,000 in non-profit funds in 65 Days. All this while continuing to successfully operate his three businesses, and becoming a #1 Best Selling Author. Read about this Journey in this Number one Selling Book
What People Are Saying:
"...Shane is truly himself and I love that approach"
Kevin Realtor, Air Force Veteran, 45 -  FL
"...Create rural Impact and help those around you"
Business Student - UCF
"...It's truly an honor to part of this project!"
Jason - Arlington, TX
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